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We are buying used Brokks, Brokk parts, Brokk attachments and used Atlas Copco hammers!

ElizAlex is in Search of your used Brokks, Brokk parts, attachments and Atlas Copco hammers – in any condition, from any year!

  • If you are throwing it out or scrapping it – we might buy it! Give us a call.
  • Maybe you have one that fell off a building and is smashed or fell into a furnace, or off of a truck and is destroyed that you have chosen not to refurbish?
  • Is there one just sitting in the corner for years (…and years) collecting dust and rust?
  • Has your Brokk been submerged (yes, even with salt water!) – Call us!
  • Maybe your Brokk is temperamental and you just don’t want to put any money into it?
  • Do you have a Brokk that got flooded with sewage and aren’t touching it with a 10-foot pole?
We are in search of any and all Brokk Parts and attachments – in any condition, including, but NOT limited to:

  • Control Boxes
  • cylinders
  • ring gears
  • booms
  • drive hubs
  • Have a box Brokk pieces, parts and do-dad stuffed away?
  • Any Brokk attachments – in any Condition! 

We are in search of your used Atlas Copco SB & SBC series hammers/breakers from any year, in any condition – from the Atlas Copco 52 all the way to the 702 hammer!

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