Specializing in

  • Brokk Onsite Repairs

  • Superior Quality Parts

  • Long Term Brokk Rentals

Brokk Rentals

Rent one of our high quality Brokk machines for your project. Also, checkout out the quality and type of machines that you can expect from us.

Performance Parts

We design high performance replacements parts that can endure more abuse yet still last two to three times longer than traditional OEM parts.

Brokk Repairs

ElizAlex repairs, reconditions and rebuilds remote control demolition machines designed to operate in hazardous environments.

Built to last

15 years of expertise

On-site repairs


We are the expert Brokk repair and rental company servicing the entire United States and South Eastern Canada. We service all models of Brokk equipment on-site or in one of our shops.

  • We’re an Expert Brokk Repair Shop
  • 15 years of intensive experience with Brokk
  • Maximized efficiency and minimal downtime
  • Meticulous preventative maintenance program
  • Reseals valve bodies, rewiring, fabrication


When your equipment is returned to service, it will have been thoroughly cleaned. When reconditioned equipment is returned to service the reconditioned parts will have been painted. When rebuilt equipment is returned to service all paintable parts on the machine will have been painted.

  • Diagnose and repair
  • Fabrication and welding
  • Electronics and parts sales
  • Recondition and rebuilds


ElizAlex is in search of your used Brokk units, Brokk parts, attachments and Atlas Copco-Epiroc hammers – in any condition, from any year!




Over the last few years we have focused on growing to provide on-site repairs and parts delivery to the entire midwest and eastern coasts of the United States and Canada!

Our Vision

Our vision is to meet or exceed Brokk, Inc. reliability specifications as defined by the manufacturer while the equipment is under warranty, and even beyond warranty.

Our History

ElizAlex was originally North East Brokk Repairs, incorporated in NY in 2013. In 2014 the company moved to Florida to better address our customers’ needs.


Now you can lease or rent a Brokk from ElizAlex. Completely overhauled and reconditioned Brokk equipment for your needs. Minimum one day rental.

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