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Jack Doherty writes:

I wanted to take this time to tell you and your staff thanks for servicing my machine and to let people know about the services  you provide.

You took the time to answer and explain any questions myself or my son had about the machine, showing us what to look for or how to do the little things to make the brokk run better. You took care of our list of things and then fixed things your trained eye spotted. I hope you tell anyone that is not sure of your capabilities to give me a call and I’ll reassure them they’re making the right choice for honest and affordable service.

Thanks again

Jack Doherty March 6, 2016

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Robert Brooke writes:

No need to second guess breaker repair issues. Beryle is proven to be trusted to do do the best job.

Robert Brooke ABC Robotic Breaking Inc. March 6, 2016

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Tim Edwards writes:

“I have been working with Beryle for a few years now. He assists us with mechanical or electrical issues that arrises w the Brokks. Beryle communicates to me via phone what needs to be done and i am able to fix the problem just by his guidance.Nobody can match Beryle patience and expertise in the field of Brokks. Our company would be at a loss without him”

Tim Edwards Aaxiom Concrete Sawing February 20, 2016

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John Madden writes:

“Within an hour, without having ever seen our machine, Beryle was able to diagnose the problem….We delivered the machine to [him] and within 4 hours it was up and running.”

John Madden Aaxiom Concrete Sawing February 20, 2016

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Bill Greenwood writes:

“I will say my boss was and is a satisfied one now … as I watched you diagnose the problem you are as passionate about your work repairing Brokks as I am about concrete cutting. I was very impressed with your attention to detail.”

Bill Greenwood Operator at Aaxiom Concrete Sawing February 20, 2016

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M. Brokk writes:

“To start off, I have 20 years of experience in the Brokk demolition field; I have seen and worked with every type of mechanic. Beryle is, by far, the best mechanic I have dealt with in the Brokk repair field. His ability to troubleshoot a machine’s problems is unparalleled.  Most of the time he can walk you through a problem over the phone. But if your machine is broke down, or needs a major overhaul, then Beryle is the one you want to fix it. He will have your machine running as good, if not better, than the day Brokk built it – And that is no understatement.”

M. Brokk February 20, 2016

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Paul Contino, ECR North writes:

“You are unbelievable; this machine has never run this good since the day I bought it (8 years ago). My guys were standing there in amazement at the machine’s performance. We will certainly be doing more business in the future.”

Paul Contino ECR North February 20, 2016

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