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ElizAlex repairs, reconditions and rebuilds remote control demolition machines designed to operate in hazardous environments. These robotic machines can be equipped with demolition tools which include hammers or crushers for demolishing concrete buildings, bridges, and other structures. Multiple skill sets are employed to bring the equipment back to original condition and in some cases better than new condition. Specializes in complete rebuilds of Brokks that have extensive damage from falling off moving trucks at highway speed, being submerged in saltwater, or dropped off the top of industrial chimney stacks, costing a fraction of what replacing with new would cost.


Lease or Rent a Brokk

Brokk 150 for Lease/Rent: Available for short term and long term contracts. Click to learn more.
This is the Brokk 150 that you can lease from North Ease Brokk Repairs


With over 15 years of experience working exclusively on Brokk equipment, our diagnosis skills are accurate and intuitive.


We weld everything: hydraulic cylinder, chassis, boom repairs when damage, flaws, and fatigue are present


We can fabricate obsolete and custom parts such as cylinder rods, hammer mounting plates, quick hitches with a longevity that exceeds current market expectations.


Complete troubleshooting and diagnosis for electric boxes, control boxes, motor replacement, rewiring of high and low voltage components, computer board replacement


Diagnose and repair system, reseal valve bodies, hydraulic cylinders, custom hoses and fittings for multiple industries including demolition, refractory, mining and tunneling.

Atlas Copco

ElizAlex repairs and rebuilds SB Series Atlas Copco hammers. Currently we are considering expanding into offering repair services for MB series Atlas Copco Hammers.

Parts Sales

ElizAlex also stocks both common and hard to find fittings, bolts, hoses, pads, fasteners, etc. Please call to see if we have your part.

When your equipment is returned to service, it will have been thoroughly cleaned. When reconditioned equipment is returned to service the reconditioned parts will have been painted. When rebuilt equipment is returned to service all paintable parts on the machine will have been painted.
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