Learn about BROKK…What can a BROKK do for you?

Brokk offers intelligent demolition power for a variety of projects- construction, tunnelling, mining, metal processing, cement, nuclear, and security & rescue. Successful demolition and maintenance projects are about working smarter. About finding new ways that increase efficiency, profitability and give you a clear competitive advantage and at the same time enhance your safety. This is where Brokk comes in.



Brokk demolition robots opens new possibilities for effective and profitable construction work. “Versatile power in a smaller package.” Due to the fact that the Brokk demolition robot is so light and agile, it works in places where most other construction demolition equipment can’t go. The Brokk will easily climb over debris or up a staircase. Or take the compact and light-weight Brokk machine floor-to floor in an ordinary elevator. Brokk equipment are proven to be faster and cheaper than cutting & coring, and more powerful and flexible than jackhammers or excavators.



The Brokk demolition robot is truly a break-through for the tunnelling industry. Offering remote-controlled effectiveness below the sea, across the world and beyond expectations. There is something special about Brokk demolition robots and tunnels. The perfect combination of power, operability and accessibility makes this little giant the preferred choice for road, rail and subway tunnel projects across the world. In utility tunnels – such as cable and water tunnels – where space limitations make it impossible or impractical to use a larger machine. For tunnel enlargements and in other areas where Brokk machine’s remote-controlled operation, small size and extraordinary flexibility and reach provide incredible access and capability. Without sacrificing power.



The Brokk demolition robot excels in versatility. The same machine can perform a variety of tasks, such as scaling, breaking, digging, drilling, secondary breaking, bottom shaft cleaning etc. And the three-arm system enables all this with unparalleled reach and stability.

Below ground, the advantage of a compact, remote-controlled demolition robot becomes abundantly clear. It provides the same breaking capacity as larger traditional mining machines. Brokk means power, safety and a wide range of profit-enhancing tools.

Thanks to remote, radio-controlled handling, the operator can overlook the job from a safe, comfortable position with no risk of injury from falling debris. The electric motor provides strong, quiet power with no exhaust fumes or other hazardous pollutants or vibration. Load-balanced outriggers provide excellent machine stability in all working directions while the sturdy track system and well protected cylinders make the Brokk extremely durable and easy to maintain.



One of Brokk demolition robot's main task in the metal process industry is to reduce the plant shut down time, while maintaining safety for the workers involved. Thanks to the machine’s flexible design, it can be used for many applications within one plant.

Remote-controlled precision and tough durability make these demolition robots the ideal tool for high quality demolition work, with the operator at a safe distance from exposed areas and able to choose a working position that’s comfortable and allows for the best possible view of the job. At the same time, the precise movements of the machine makes it perfect for e.g demolishing the work lining without damaging the safety lining. Whether you need more power or precision for cleaning a ladle, EAF, torpedo car, BF runner, converter mouth, tundish, blast furnace – Brokk gets the job done.



In an industry where every hour’s outage time means loss of profitable production, investing in a Brokk demolition robot can pay back after the very first kiln tearout. With easy and early access, maximum maintenance efficiency and operator safety, Brokks means new, concrete advantages.

The Brokk Demolition Robot is the fastest and safest cement industry solution today. With excellent stability in all directions and easily adjustable breaker frequency, the Brokk ensures precise operation without shell or lining damage. The three-part arm system provides flexibility and reach and allows for less repositioning of the machine compared to conventional excavators.
Since the Brokk demolition robot is heat resistant with well-protected cylinders and components, you can start the job earlier without risking breakdown due to heat. This reduces plant downtime and increases the plant profit.



Some projects call for a special solution. It's hard to think of an environment where reliability and effectiveness is more critical than nuclear demolition and decommissioning work. Work that is perfect for Brokk demolition robots.

When working with nuclear power plant demolition, you can see the benefits of Brokk technology most clearly, combining remote-controlled operation with cameras and remote video monitors. Through the partnership with Ahlberg Cameras, Brokk demolition robots can now be equipped with the market’s leading radiation tolerant camera systems. In this extraordinary environment, dangerous tasks like demolishing, removing, sorting and containerizing radioactive waste are all in a day’s work for a specially equipped Brokk. We have close to 30 years of experience in nuclear projects and nuclear demolition, including a large number of machines delivered to the nuclear industry in the US, UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Japan, China and more.